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by Fishing Nut on Dec. 20, 2020

Ice Report: 10 in
This information was passed on to me so make sure you check before you head out onto the ice

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by Becca1982 on May. 6, 2018

May 5th most of the lake was ice covered except the south side of thr lake by the campground, tried fishing but had no luck was really shallow still, lots of weeds, the ice wasnt out far enough yet

by Hrycakgm on Jan. 31, 2017

Fishing fair couple in the 20" range. Very nice rainbows

by Hrycakgm on Jan. 31, 2017

Ice Report: 22 in

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by LindsayB on Aug. 27, 2016

Beautiful lake,but heads up to campers... Starting camping season 2017 they will no longer provide wood for campfires

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by cully on Apr. 11, 2016

Last 2 summers hooked 14ish inch cutthroat about every 20 minutes on the proper lure. But you can see the jumping everywhere all day. They wouldn't bite anything but mosquitoes for me. Once I put the mosquito on, I quilled em all day. Caught one rainbow and a few athabaskan trout as well.

by jiggerjoe on Mar. 24, 2016

Nothing all day I'm guessing you really need to move around to find the fish 18" of ice

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by Tweedsider on Jun. 10, 2014

Three of us went out Friday and caught 21 rainbows, some real beauties too, 21" was the top dog! Nice and peaceful!

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by Kokaneeranger on Jan. 2, 2014

Thanks for the report , hope to give it a try this winter

by Rjbarnes on Jan. 1, 2014

Ice Report: 12 in
Plowed out to boat lauch, couldn't catch a glimpse of a fish, any thoughts on lure/bait combinations

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by Northernflyfisherman on Feb. 9, 2012

The lake is not what it was a couple years ago! They have stopped stalking the lake as they want fish to naturally spawn and it's not working and the population is on the downward side of things making for slow fishing. However those who take there time to find the fish will have a great joy in reeling in a beautiful 4-9 pounders hiding in the deep waters. I myself havent had as much success in the last few year pulling out 2 in about 25 hours of fishing this lake both super nice fish and both on a wet fly. Another lake well worth the drive and over night stay beautiful area. Just peaceful to be out in the area

by Northflyfisherman on Feb. 9, 2012

My favorite! Best place to find the big boys!! With a few small weed beds a few big drop offs and a beaver dam all with a few hundred heaven
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by Northflyfisherman on Feb. 9, 2012

Straight out from boat launch on ede of large weed bed consuming most most of the southern end of the lake great fishing on the dry fly
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by Northflyfisherman on Feb. 9, 2012

Just off a point with a large dead spruce tree theres a very large drop form 9 to 23 feet in a a mater of 3 drops great fishing if ur deep
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