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by Farqy on Jun. 30, 2017

Smaller trout, great bobber fishing spot.
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by connor2002 on May. 18, 2017

just wondering if ice is off and if it has been stocked this year

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by Artaxes on Jan. 27, 2016

I fished this lake in December of this year for the first time because it is very close to my house. I caught three in about an hour. I didn't keep them, but I have heard they winter well in here and there are rumours of some big ones(2lbs) being caught in there. I drilled two holes and the varied from 8 feet to about 15 feet. So it must be quite deep in the middle of this dugout.

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by Grumpy Gus on Mar. 5, 2015

In the summer there's lots of rises. You can cast from shore without too much problem. I've caught a few on the fly in past years- nothing bigger than about 11" though. They have a beautiful purple hue to them for some reason.

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by hotrod57 on Jul. 1, 2014

Lots of stockers jumping that's about it

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by Fisher4life on May. 14, 2014

Is there any fish in this lake or what?

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