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by iFish Guest on May. 24, 2021

Great place for Camping. Fishing is the best it’s ever been. Fishing from shore catches trout and suckers for people of all ages. Some very large trout have been caught from shore. And this year there is 10 tagged one’s with the bounty on them. I recommend going camping and fishing. It’s a Great time

by iFish Guest on Aug. 12, 2020

The fish are back. Great place to take kids for first time fishing. The RFGA put 5 larger tagged fish in the dam. Each tagged fish is worth 50.00. The camp ground care takers seen a 5 lb trout caught

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by Conservation Fishing for Life&Children on Jul. 6, 2019

Beautiful place to fish when stocked. Covered the whole area and only marked 20 fish. There were whirling disease floating test boards all over. Nothing biting and nothing jumping. Beautiful afternoon beautiful camping spot, but fishing is limited.

by KellyandBeth on Apr. 30, 2018

You can’t get here but it’s a great place for trout
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by KellyandBeth on Apr. 30, 2018

Ice Report: 2 in
The ice is 2 inches thick

by Jaybez1 on May. 17, 2016

Went out to the dam last night with son and grandchildren. Grandson caught his first fish, a suckered then caught a nice rainbow. It is a wonderful location to take the little ones.

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by airace on Sep. 17, 2015

Caught a few on Willow Leafs w/worms. Nice spot

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by Eddybigfish on Jun. 14, 2014

Beautiful lake. Great for the kids and lots of fish caught! hitting everything I threw at them from bait to lures. Nice little camping getaway for a weekend!

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by Fishn76 on Jun. 9, 2014

Tried for a few hours yesterday from shore on the opposite side from the dock near the culvert. Lots of jumping, a few nibbles but nothing caught

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by Bartek on May. 24, 2014

How's the fishing at open dam this year did anybody make it out?

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by Shandell7 on Jan. 8, 2014

Extremely bunky ice. Walked out a little ways on a sled path, set the auger down off of the sled path and it fell through. You've probably got a couple inches of ice, then water, then snow on top.

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by iFish Guest on Aug. 16, 2013

Just returned from the lake after 5days. Terrible fishing caught one small trout. Had a few more bites. Lake weedy in the middle and is getting a bloom(turning green)

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by Horton on Aug. 7, 2013

Caught nothing on the long weekend, didn't see much action from any of the fisherpeople all weekend. Great campground though.

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by Horton on Jul. 2, 2013

Caught 5 trout and a couple small suckers from the shore at the day camp. Worms on a pickerel rig. Really awesome place for the kids too.

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by iFish Guest on Jun. 2, 2013

Caught a whole bunch of suckers one weighing in at 3 lbs and caught 15 trout some over2 lbs. use earthworms with a bobber or fly fish a wooly bugger

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by Trout scout on Jan. 19, 2013

Slow. No bites. 11.5" of ice. I'm thinking winter kill.....

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by Fts003 on Jul. 25, 2012

Fished July 21,22 .some small 5" trout nothing big

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by Lucky strike on May. 27, 2012

Seen some nice trout caught from shore on may 26

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