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by North of 55 on Jul. 3, 2012

Lane lake hasn't had fish in it since the sixties. Water rarely makes it out of that lake and just by looking on google earth you can see it's at most a few feet deep. Locals do call magician lake, lane lake and that lake good numerous small pike and occasional perch. You do better at wolf lake.

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by Sosa on Jan. 25, 2012

BEWARE! do not believe billybob50! He is a fake and is giving fake information .

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by Billybob50 on Jan. 25, 2012

Nice small lake attached to wolf lake by a small creek. Nice walleye, and perch spawning area and good fishing all year around

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by Northof55 on Oct. 8, 2011

Few small pike, no keepers, and a couple of perch.

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