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by Rakerman on Mar. 25, 2021

Ice Report: 15 in

by Bavery on Feb. 22, 2021

Ice Report: 30 in
Fishing was very slow, no bites, fished for 3 hours

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by Dmoss72 on Jul. 12, 2020

Fished it for 3 days and not even a bite! Didn't see any breaching either! This was mid June 2020.

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by TarasandBoys on Jun. 17, 2020

Was there June 12. Trolled for 3 hours with 4 different flies and 4 different lures through all depths and most of the lake. Not a bite and no sign of any fish. Dozens of shore fishermen and did not see any fish caught. Beautiful little lake otherwise!!

by Pastafarian74 on Jun. 13, 2020

This trout pond is dead. Two hours on there with no rise rings, not bites, and marked what may have been two fish on the sonar. It's dead....don't waste your time.

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by Young_fishing_fam on Feb. 29, 2020

Does this lake winter kill? Went out couple weeks ago and nothing but minnows in the hole. Then tried couple days ago, no minnows and no fish......?

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by Jaqwhy on Feb. 24, 2020

Hey lunker was there lots of people fishing?

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by Lunker on Feb. 23, 2020

Went out yesterday. Talked to someone who put a camera down to the bottom and said they saw 5-6 dead fish at the bottom. Tried for 45 minutes anyway but nothing. Not good if it winter killed. Let's hope there was some kind of survival rate.

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by Slash8 on Dec. 28, 2019

9" of ice on Dec 26, Small Rainbows only 6-7" and very slow. 4 fish in 4 hours.

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by Young_fishing_fam on Dec. 21, 2019

Good 6-7%u201D of ice, caught a couple rainbows but super tiny. Anyone know which part of the lakes are best for keepers?

by SSMcIntyre on Dec. 8, 2019

Ice Report: 6 in
Surprised, didn’t expect so much ice yet

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by Christianh8r on Jul. 13, 2019

Spent three hours out here today, nothing was biting. Saw lots jumping and some birds grabbing some big ones so there are fish in here, just too hot I think. Try to find a spot with no weeds on the shore, otherwise you're cleaning your hook every single cast!

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by Blacksmith on Jan. 31, 2019

Went out there and spent most of the day there from 9:00 AM to about 2:30 PM. Saw nothing on my Marcum to indicate any fish at all. No nibbles, nothing! Used a variety of hooks with raw shrimp for bait, tungsten jigs, Wabler, tiny jigging Rapala. Went there last week also, nothing! Won't be going there again!

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by SSMcIntyre on Jan. 13, 2019

Are you allowed to take snowmobiles on the lake?

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by Gotone on Dec. 5, 2018

Caught my first 🐅 trout Nov 18 and a couple of small rainbows. 5 inches of ice.

by SkeptikalScabies on Nov. 28, 2018

Ice Report: 7 in
Ice is clear but water is like old coffee

by Libby on Oct. 8, 2018

Was nothing biting was there 3 hours didn’t catch a thing.

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by Libby on Oct. 8, 2018

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by pilotfisher on Jul. 19, 2018

Tried for 3 hours fly rod no bites. Used dingy to troll with leach all around the lake without seeing a fish rise. Are there fish in this lake? Water is pretty murky.

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by Calvin2000 on May. 27, 2018

Went out for a couple hours but no luck. Fish weren't jumping or biting. Tried multiple worms, and spoons with power bait but didn't work. Ever since the lake was stocked a couple weeks ago it's been really hot so I'm guessing their all at the bottom some where

by SIMSATH on May. 2, 2018

Was out at Black Nugget Lake yesterday evening and is now free from ice for the most part.No luck on spin cast or fly rod, a few started rising about 8pm.Vehicle access through campground enterence only.

by SIMSATH on May. 1, 2018

Any one know if there is open water at Bla k Nugget Lake yet???

by Zeppelin987 on Mar. 9, 2018

Ice Report: 36 in

by Superserb79 on Feb. 25, 2018

Ice Report: 31 in

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by The DeBo on Feb. 24, 2018

Went 2 weeks ago. Caught 13 bows no tigers. Next week skunked. They got smart

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by Jimmy Jigger on Jan. 13, 2018

The gate to the lake is still locked so you will need to walk all your gear from the small parking lot off the West side. I was out yesterday and no luck. Saw some small ones on the camera but nothing good. I know this lake was fished hard last winter so not sure how many mature fish are left.

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by Hookset on Jan. 3, 2018

Are you still able to drive in from the West off the road up to the lake edge or do you have to walk in from the road?

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by slipbobber on Dec. 28, 2017

Good job on keeping a trout suppose to a scientific research.

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by cbuck on Dec. 7, 2017

Went out for an hour. Landed 2. 1 tiger. Ice is making lots of noise!!!

by shotgunner887 on Dec. 3, 2017

Ice Report: 12 in

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by Tack Man on Nov. 21, 2017

Nov. 20-Caught a bunch of small ones, a nice 1lb 8oz rainbow and a 2lb 10oz tiger. Both will be going in the smoker tonight.

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by iFish Guest on Nov. 20, 2017

was there on Thursday walked out 20 ft. Surface ice white but solid. Few spots drilled by others around.

by Tack Man on Nov. 14, 2017

Ice Report: 4 in
Was hoping to be first lol. Good enough to walk on. Only parking is at the road. Blocked off from there. Gotta climb the gate and walk on from there.

by Libby on Nov. 11, 2017

Ice Report: 3 in
Not enough ice yet to go out safely

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by ShortsideK on Aug. 21, 2017

Got there around noon. Water is full of algae. Clarity about 6". No luck at all in my usual hot spots. Fly fishing. No one else fishing.

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by Cajed1 on Jul. 27, 2017

I also saw several other catching. Happily tell people "my secrets"when they ask on the lake.

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by Cajed1 on Jul. 27, 2017

Not likely,or there will be no fish left for me to catch.

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by BeerLover on Jul. 27, 2017

Perhaps you care to share your secret with us. As I said there were lots of people fishing and nobody cought even 1 fish. And I was using flies that never failed me on several other trout habitats.

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by Cajed1 on Jul. 26, 2017

Nailing both rainbows and tigers the last 2 night, decent fishing you just have to know when and where they are likely to be and what they want to eat.

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by BeerLover on Jul. 25, 2017

Just got back yesterday. I have a Zebec (same as a Zodiac). Fished for 3 days with my son-inlaw. Both used various wet and dry flies. Floating line, sinking line (Fly fishing) and also several types of trout spinners and spoons on both fly and mono line. NOTHING. Several people were fishing both from shore and in boats. Nobody caught anything in the 3 days I was there. My GPS showed that there was several fish in the lake but they were not biting. Very poor, will not be back.

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by fisher777 on Jul. 11, 2017

Went out yesterday for 5 hours. No bites. Lake is green and less than 3 inches visibility. Tried all kinds of lures, no action, Lots of Pelicans and Cormorants No other guys fishing.

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by old squish on Jul. 7, 2017

just got to lake, takin zodiac out for first time, wondering if any tips? bait rigs and fly rod are ready..

by Anolis666 on Jun. 6, 2017

Are boat allowed here? I just have a little inflatable.

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by Mr Flyguy on May. 13, 2017

Stevie o, Please use a dictionary before you post: it's angler, not angular.

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by Donnie D on May. 9, 2017

i never had any issues going fishing here at all last year. aslong as i checked in the office first..

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by sedubius on May. 8, 2017

I didnt fish BMN at all last year. The year before they got mad and threatened to call the police if you were on their property. I wonder what changed.

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by Donnie D on May. 7, 2017

ya last year i also had to report to the office at the camp ground before going seem,s to be a normal thing but not dureing ice fishing season.

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by sedubius on May. 6, 2017

A great evening at BNM. Water visibility was minimal but still landed a few. Attn to anyone going here, the main gates are closed you now much enter through the campground and sign in at the office. It is free but for some reason this is now how it is done.

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by Bluenoser1971 on Apr. 26, 2017

Might drive from Edmonton this weekend. Anybody know if it is still ice-covered?

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by Find Me Fishing on Mar. 28, 2017

First time ice fishing for trout today and it was decent on this lake! The water was very murky. Tried with worms, shrimp, and orange power eggs. Seems that the fish were most interested in the latter. Was there all afternoon and caught a couple of smaller rainbows which were mostly released.

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