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by bigal59 on Jan. 1, 2016

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by Peter Morzynski on Dec. 14, 2015

How is fishing out there any recent ice thickness updates..

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by thefloormat on Dec. 28, 2014

Nice area, have to walk in to both lakes, not sure if that's common info or not. Only about 3-400m so not a big deal but will require a sled for ice fishing gear, or lots of hands to carry. Had a few perch try to get my bait in 10', never caught any though. Otherwise saw nothing. 3 stars though because it's a really nice place to be.

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by FISHOFF on Jun. 24, 2013

P.S... What where u guys using to catch the pike/whitefish? Went to Jasper two days b 4 n we must have caught 15 in just a few hrs between 2 of us.its is a nice lake though n ses fairly deep in places. Felt like Tom Sawyer when i was navigating the chanel between lakes... Lol

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by FISHOFF on Jun. 24, 2013

Fished all day from 8:30 -5:30, not a single bite. Looner "thing" had 4 fish so it should have been good fishing.. No, not a bite. Seen some tiny little somethings jumping for flys but i used almost every lure in my tacklebox n still nothing... Didn't even see one!!! Another typical day fishing in Aberta.... Why dont they stock the hell outta these lakes?? I just want to catch a fish... Lol

by Fishboy880 on Dec. 10, 2012

2 pike 5 whitefish in 4 hours
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by TLewis on Feb. 3, 2012

Fourty four inch pike many smaller ones few whites three pound white
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