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by Zenfisherman on May. 31, 2022

Went there Sunday May 29 on my float tube. Fished by the public boat launch at Sunbreaker Cove. Caught 3 nice size lake whitefish using size 10 San Juan worm. Almost limited out as 3 got away. Very windy.

by Walleye Slayer 88 on Feb. 19, 2022

Anyone have any luck catching walleyes this year? Heard the lake has dried up and they’re nowhere to be found

by deanIsthebigdog on Feb. 6, 2022

Ice Report: 24 in
Palm bay

by deanIsthebigdog on Jan. 23, 2022

Ice Report: 23 in
West of sunbreaker

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by iFish Guest on Jan. 15, 2022

Anyone having any luck with the whites today

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by Micheal Cera on Jan. 13, 2022

How is the ice can you still drive on it?

by deanIsthebigdog on Jan. 12, 2022

Ice Report: 19 in
West of Sunbreaker. 5”snow. Ice clear

by Lastpirate on Dec. 28, 2021

Ice Report: 18 in

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by Big fish guy on Aug. 5, 2021

well it took awhile but i managed to find fish in the lake. i am starting to catch more walleye and my count is now over 40 with 1 good sized pike mixed in. I have had no luck with whites,burbot , perch but at least some walleye remain to catch. Definately not catching in the traditional spots but persistance has paid off! look deep and good luck

by PistolPete on Aug. 2, 2021

Couple hammer handles
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by Big fish guy on Jun. 28, 2021

Fished 16-20 hours in the days since my last post. Hurrah I got 1 bite. No idea what it was but there is at least 1 fish left in there. Still enjoy the HOT days on the lake beach has been packed

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by Big fish guy on Jun. 15, 2021

Well I fished Sylvan 4 days straight. spent at least 2 hours on all my favorite spots. Not one bite no sign of fish. lots of minnows, people and boats

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by Minnowdunker on Apr. 11, 2021

The only way around this problem is a robust walleye stocking program similar to other provinces and states surrounding us. Our inherent small number of lakes and number of anglers simply cannot support a healthy fishery. Until the province follows a strong walleye stocking program this endless cycle of collapsing walleye populations won't stop. We need to lobby the government for change in order to ensure that both the the current and future generations of anglers along with the economic spin-offs can be realized.

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by Big fish guy on Apr. 5, 2021

I better add to my last posting of all those fish caught over the last few years only 2 walleye were kept for consumption the rest released unharmed from barbless hooks. I agree with NA and believe it is a shame and a big lesson I hope for Alta fisheries to see the impact of opening this lake even for one year. Please save our fishery

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by NAfishing on Apr. 2, 2021

Zero limit for all species should be the limit on sylvan. Destroying a walleye fishery that took over 20 years to recover, the white fish population has collapsed and I've got to say, beating up the burbot to a limit of 2 is really a community effort. Used to be an ok body to fish. To those that beat that lake up, outstanding work. Now move over to gull and give it your best

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by Big fish guy on Mar. 20, 2021

Agreed Minnowdunker I wonder if the price for fish will be any more then what we pay for frozen minnows these days which we can't buy due to covid anyway. lol my boat sits in Sylvan all summer so I do a lot of fishing here. My fish count is as follows 2019 Walleye - 100's Pike -17 Whites -6 2020 May-july Walleye -100's Pike - 7 Whites - 4 July-Sept Walleye - 18 Pike-1 Whites -0 Season almost done thankfully give the fish a rest. But this May opening season will be very interesting this year. We will see

by Big John on Mar. 10, 2021

Ice Report: 38 in
RR20 - RR21

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by jephphy_spaghetti on Mar. 10, 2021

anyone see/have any luck with burb's this year?

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by Minnowdunker on Feb. 27, 2021

Well at two months of ice fishing at Sylvan my worst fears have come true, the walleye have been wiped out, very rare to for someone to catch a walleye through the ice or even see one for that matter. Keep it up for another summer boys and the whitefish will be gone to, then you'll have to buy your fish at the grocery store like everyone else!

by Coleburke141 on Feb. 26, 2021

Looks to be open water
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by Earth Edwin on Feb. 20, 2021

~36" of ice off Birch Bay - no fish on jigs, wire worms, minnows or night crawlers

by jack12 on Feb. 18, 2021

11 ft water weeds and no fish!
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by Prospectus on Feb. 15, 2021

Ice Report: 44 in
North off Norgenworld beach

by nightfisher on Feb. 14, 2021

Lots of white fish action in the north end, I was in 3 1/2 feet of water.

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by on Feb. 6, 2021

any actives for white fish ,shallow or depth water

by Pit Viper Pete on Jan. 10, 2021

Ice Report: 20 in
Palm Bay

by Pit Viper Pete on Jan. 9, 2021

Ice Report: 17 in
Between rr20 - rr21 half moon bay

by T4Runner on Dec. 23, 2020

A HotSpot Marker was added for Sylvan Lake
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by RossWhelan on Dec. 19, 2020

Ice Report: 14 in
Half moon bay

by T4Runner on Dec. 18, 2020

Ice Report: 8 in

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by Big fish guy on Dec. 8, 2020

So I write in July about how great it is to keep a walleye from Sylvan. That was before I was ignorant to the fact this lake has been offered up as a sacrificial lamb. The rules have been broken 100's of times over with 1 fish limits very often ignored. Due to pandemic and the new regulations I have never seen more boats and anglers on this lake. If the single fish limit was observed for this year only and then maybe switched to another over populated lake ( pigeon, gull etc) It would make sense. Time will tell. Can you at least think about closing and implimenting tags for 2021?

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by GWagon on Nov. 21, 2020

Anybody know how thick the ice is?

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by Minnowdunker on Aug. 4, 2020

It's wonderful to finally be able to keep a walleye for a nice meal from time to time. Our new minister of Environment & Parks has been a breath of fresh air, but we need a slot size on Sylvan for walleye. The whitefish are being slaughtered by poachers and I feel sorry for our Fish and Game officers who are seriously understaffed. We need to respect our resources so our future generations can enjoy them.

by Wstrncdn5time on Jul. 13, 2020

Fished Saturday. Lake was packed. Sunbreaker cove was a zoo. Lots of small rafts and kayaks fishing white fish in front of Sunbreaker, they were obviously catching them because saw them loading the coolers. Went to sandy point the usual spot again lots of boats walleye were slow. Went to half moon even more boats, even slower. Went in front of sunny side and got a nice jack. Had little bit success north end everything small though. It was slow and couldn’t believe how many people fishing. Open up walleye and floodgates.

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by I B Fishin on Jul. 2, 2020

Love you comment Big fish guy.

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by Big fish guy on Jul. 1, 2020

It's been 20 years since I have enjoyed a fresh caught walleye fry in beer batter! Delicious, finally a move has been made to do something about the walleye population in this lake. Anglers are allowed 1 fish ( no size limit) please toss back gently anything bigger then 1-2 pounds but the small guys are plentiful and easy to catch from just about everywhere. In a few years we can expect a more normal mix of walleye, perch, pike and whites with a good chance at some real big fish! Enjoy the fishing please clean up more things then you came with show respect for the many homeowners and visiters and Bon Appetit

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by Conrad stahl on Jun. 18, 2020

That last comment where hot spot marker is was there any walleye fish catching

by August1 on Jun. 10, 2020

A HotSpot Marker was added for Sylvan Lake
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by St Croix on Jun. 3, 2020

Where can you launch your boat here?

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by BAR on Mar. 30, 2020

The truck had gone through the ice RR23 North end. Palm Bay.

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by Fishing Jim on Mar. 29, 2020

Lost large green tackle box on Sylvan Lake or Range Road 23. If found would appreciate return. Please call 403-347-5282 and ask for Jim. Thank you

by iFish Guest on Mar. 25, 2020

BAR Where about the lake it happened???

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by blk on Mar. 24, 2020

Where on the lake was this. I was out there on Saturday the 21 st and the ice was solid!

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by BAR on Mar. 24, 2020

I was at the lake on Sunday 22nd fishing was slow caught one Walleye and two whites. Almost unbelievable was that there was a Dodge Ram truck that had fallen through the ice. The cab was almost completely submersed. I do not know how this happened but was told that someone had drilled numerous 10" holes in a line and this truck had driven into this?????? I would submit a picture if I could.

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by DC168 on Mar. 18, 2020

New 2020 regulation allow 1 walleye any size.

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by Weeman on Mar. 7, 2020

I guess people haven't learned that size limits don't work need better management,

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by Acadian502 on Mar. 4, 2020

Hi There. I'm heading out with a few kids this Saturday. Does anyone have any recent ice reports? In the past I've gone onto the lake at RR23 and had decent luck there. I haven't been to Sylvan yet this year. Any suggestions? Thanks

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by on Mar. 4, 2020

I absolutely disagree about NO size limit. Even white fish . I want them to put some limit on size with walleye, jack and white. so that is not over fish

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by dothepuff on Feb. 23, 2020

18 inches plus of ice

by Catch-em on Feb. 22, 2020

Rumour is they are opening walley here .1 no size limit . Nice they are opening it if it’s true but I don’t like the no size limit though sounds like they want to have them overfished again .hhmmm

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