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by Lucas Moulton on Jan. 8, 2017

There is nothing in this lake it is a waste of time for fishing but is a good lake for tubing and wakeboarding/waterskiing

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by pikeslayer16 on Jun. 27, 2016

Never see anyone fishing here anymore, but there have been some fish seen jumping from time to time, possibly goldeye coming from the RDR?

by burbotman21 on Feb. 17, 2015

Ice Report: 15 in

by Billliam on May. 17, 2013

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by Eskimo on Mar. 4, 2013

I've never tried fishing here since they quit stocking rainbows but I thought the pike would have done really well. Guess not?

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by TheBoroumands8 on Jul. 8, 2011

I've never caught a single thing there. Your better of fishing in buffalo lake or the red deer river

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