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by Kyle compagnon on Dec. 19, 2021

Ice Report: 13 in
300 yards off the island. 13". Drove a crew sxs all around the lake. No problem

by dougy on Dec. 12, 2021

Ice Report: 10 in
150 yards off south side boat launch.

by Tysnor on Feb. 1, 2021

Ice Report: 24 in
24+ inches about 3-400’ off Indian beach

by Tysnor on Feb. 1, 2021

Caught 3 Jack in about 10-12’ of water Jan29/21 . 24”+ of ice about 300-400’ off Indian beach
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by Zephyrtig on Jan. 31, 2021

Ice Report: 28 in
300m off South of island

by Mikael on Jan. 30, 2021

A Shore Fishing Marker was added for Gregoire Lake
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by iFish Guest on Jan. 29, 2021

Ice Report: 30 in
30” about 200m off Indian Beach

by G! on Nov. 27, 2020

Ice Report: 14 in
South boat launch

by mountainman11 on Feb. 16, 2020

Ice Report: 19 in
pine coulee reservoir

by K.H on Feb. 12, 2020

Ice Report: 26 in
250 meters off Indian beach

by dougy on Jan. 8, 2020

Ice Report: 24 in
600 yards off south shore

by Northernoutdoors on Dec. 22, 2019

Ice Report: 22 in

by dougy on Dec. 7, 2019

Ice Report: 13 in
Middle of lake

by dougy on Dec. 7, 2019

Ice Report: 13 in
Middle of lake

by fishlips001 on Nov. 22, 2019

Ice Report: 10 in
10-13" of ice

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by Mik60 on Mar. 17, 2019

Was out Friday the 15th caught 3 Northern Pike, 1 small perch and 2 walleye over 50Cm filled my tags after 10 trips! Lots ice! length of the auger!

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by Mik60 on Jan. 27, 2019

Was out on Saturday caught 2 Pike and 5 Walleye, slow action till about 4:00 the Walleye started biting largest 49 1/2 CM ! By the west side of the Island!

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by Black_wolf2019 on Jan. 22, 2019

I can understand why some lakes especially further south have zero limits on pike. But I don't see why they do for Gregoire,every time I fish here I catch pike more than any other fish,regardless of which part of the lake I fish,season ,etc. Caught some decent ones on my multi species day too. It's almost stupid to have catch and release for pike here,I don't see why they didn't just keep it at one over 63cm like before,just my opinion. Tight lines! I give five stars to this lake as it has always been one of my favourite lakes to fish.

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by fishlips001 on Jan. 21, 2019

Jan.19 afternoon trip, 6 pike and 3 walleye. Jan 20 day trip, 10 pike and 2 walleye. Fished solo both days, jigging with flutter spoons or tube jig.

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by Black_wolf2019 on Jan. 21, 2019

Tried three different parts of the lake a few days ago and had a multi species day with four walleye,12 pike,3 small perch,one decent guy,and to my surprise,one burbot and one whitefish and lost a few other perch. One of the best days I've had on this lake.

by fishlips001 on Jan. 19, 2019

Ice Report: 21 in
1 km north of island

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by Mik60 on Jan. 14, 2019

Went out on Sat Jan 12th 24 inches of ice. Vehicles driving on the lake! caught 6 pike and 2 walleye! Not biting as good as Jan 3rd! But not a bad day!! Only would bite on small lures with a piece of minnow.

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by Harfitt181 on Jan. 7, 2019

Are people driving on gregoire lake with there pick-ups ?

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by Mik60 on Jan. 3, 2019

I was out yesterday caught 10 pike and 2 walleye! ice is 19 inches thick around the south side of the Island, best fishing was between 10:00 till 1:00! Used small lures with a piece of minnow! Best day I have had ice fishing on Gregoire Lake!

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by Mik60 on Dec. 16, 2018

I was out yesterday for a couple of hours, weather was not the best but had one strike! Drilled various holes from shore out to about 15 feet. Only 13 inches so far and not much snow cover easy walking,

by dougy on Dec. 9, 2018

Ice Report: 11 in
Drilled two holes roughy 50 yards from the campsite dock

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by LeonardNHL18 on Jun. 11, 2018

Very good spot for Walleye around left size of a lake

by Tdubs77 on Jan. 21, 2018

Ice Report: 24 in
South side of island, 100 ft or a bit more

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by Remi49 on Jan. 17, 2018

Is the provincial park road still closed ?

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by BNR on Dec. 10, 2017

12%u201D at the bay by the campground

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by hammer Hayden on Dec. 8, 2017

Anyone know what the ice thickness is at Gregoire?

by reganarm on Feb. 19, 2017

Shot in the dark here but anyone no where the burbot spawn on this lake or any lakes close to here in the first week of March

by Trumpster on Jan. 30, 2017

Ice Report: 30 in
Very little snow on the ice. Drive on access is easy going from the Anzac boat ramp. The 881 boat ramp is great for sleds and ATV's but hard drifting snow at the water line makes it hard for trucks to get on.

by DerekVTX on Feb. 18, 2016

Pretty sure I had a whitefish on two weekends ago but it got off

by Nikkij on Feb. 16, 2016

Has anyone seen whites out here I fished on the lake a lot as a kid and I've never seen any whites

by Ryanstrickland on Feb. 12, 2016

Ice Report: 36 in
Fishing on the right side of the island, plenty of pike and walleye!

by Mikey543 on Jan. 21, 2016

Caught 2 pike
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by Mikey543 on Jan. 21, 2016

18" of ice. Caught 2 fair sized pike

by truslide on Dec. 25, 2015

Ice Report: 13 in
12" to 14"

by Ryanstrickland on Dec. 9, 2015

Ice Report: 9 in
Fishing just about 200 yards off Indian beach, ice between 8-10 inches

by fishlips001 on Dec. 3, 2015

Ice Report: 7 in
Fished in front of gazebo and landed half dozen pike and a walleye and lost just as many. Be carefully as at entrance at ramp there was something that broke through awhile ago and it frozen over but looks sketchy.

by DanKo Dan on Aug. 9, 2015

Drop off point, great for Perch and walleye. 5ft to 14ft . Happy fishing. DanKo
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by bcanning on Jul. 31, 2015

Few decent walleye and some small pike in 4' to 5' of water.
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by Kyle compagnon on May. 25, 2015

Lots of small pike, and some good size walleye.

by hammer Hayden on Mar. 1, 2015

Walleye and pike today
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by fishlips001 on Mar. 1, 2015

Went out for a few hours this afternoon and caught 5 pike and missed a couple more. Fished by the gazebo.

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by FishyGirl on Feb. 23, 2015

3 hours fishing

by londonby on Feb. 23, 2015

1 pike in 4 hours
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by Reelman on Jan. 18, 2015

11 small Perch 1 Pike. Water murky.

by Reelman on Jan. 18, 2015

Ice Report: 24 in
Off the gazebo.

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