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by Allanfish on Jan. 18, 2020

by Herchuk on Aug. 5, 2018

Fishing was not the best last time out. 4 people in my boat all the fish we caught were small except one keeper in 5 hrs

by iFish Guest on Jul. 23, 2018

Can anyone give an update on where to camp and how the fishing is his summer ? Thanks!

by Perch Wrangler on Feb. 13, 2017

Ice Report: 3 ft

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by OL_JR on Jun. 21, 2016

This lake has to have the limit decreased and something done about the netting. Hadn't fished here in over ten years and thought I'd try it out and wow what a difference. Tried everything lure from shallow to deep and in between and luckily squeeked out one walleye for dinner one evening. Kids had fun though had enough action with the little guys to keep them interested.

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by Tjp on Jan. 11, 2016

Fished all day 1 keeper walleye and 1 keeper jack. Very slow. Too much netting in this lake! Saw some big jack and some small walleye in the nets being pulled. I won't be back.

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by Shutdownbypass on Dec. 28, 2015

Does anyone know if you can access the lake from the campground on the east shore. Someone told me they lock the gate after camping season is done

by Jason Miller on Dec. 3, 2015

How is the ice looking on the lake?

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by TheRook on Aug. 25, 2015

Went all over the lake. Found some big pike. Caught lots of small wallys. No keepers. Either they are suspended or very few left. Either way, shouldn't be able to keep 2 at 50. Not sure how a lake is supposed to rebound with that.

by fwmmeister on Aug. 12, 2015

Campground, one loop-no service and one loop-with power.... Both are first come first serve...
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by LaDuron on Aug. 11, 2015

Where do you camp on this lake? Power hookup?

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by Islander214 on Aug. 10, 2015

Anyone been fishing here recently? Looking a going up on the 21st, any input is welcomed.

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by OL' JR on Apr. 18, 2015

Was thinking of heading up May Long. How busy is it these days will it be hard to get a camping spot? Thanks

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by Tjp on Mar. 30, 2015

Great pike fishing on Sunday! Caught our limit average 8lbs. Good way to end the season.

by Fishalot on May. 13, 2014

Can someone tell me when the RCMP derby is this year?

by Dynobot on Jan. 5, 2014

Lots of pike and few walleye every time I go get over 40 fish in a day
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by Amsh on Dec. 25, 2013

Ice Report: 13 in

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by Fishdominator on Jul. 9, 2013

Awesome day on july 7. 40 fish caught; 2 took home.

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by iFish Guest on Jul. 1, 2013

love fishing here, tons of fish to be caught in the evenings around 6:30pm-9pm. most are smaller but we did catch a couple 5lbs walleye's. tons of huge pike as well, big lake with very few boats on it. water was quite murky last time I was there.

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by iFish Guest on Jun. 25, 2013

Ya big in really deep water to find them

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by iFish Guest on Feb. 2, 2013

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by GundyPEI on Feb. 2, 2013

Are you allowed to ice fish on this lake .. Is there lakers in it?

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by NSA. on Jul. 24, 2011

caught a nice 14 lb of the dock at fishermans warf. buddy caught a nice 4.5 lb walleye,lots of bites both walleye and pike.

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