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by iFish Guest on Mar. 14, 2019

Fishing was slow but the fish we managed to catch were 5 to 7 pounds and in very good condition.

by iFish Guest on Mar. 14, 2019

Ice Report: 15 in

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by Stinkfinger on Jan. 29, 2019

The snow hasn't been plowed out and it hasn't froze. A friend walked 4 miles to get cell service for a tow. He spent the night in the chevy and had to walk the 4 miles again to make a call. He tore up his truck underneath and now he has a big bill. Probably only sled access for crappy fishing.

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by FISHY-FINGER on Dec. 31, 2017

A friend sunk his truck in the muskeg trying to get into this lake dec30. With approx 250' of chain and slings a grader pulled him out He talked to 3 guys coming off the lake and didn't catch anything or see anything on their camera. It must've winter killed again since its so shallow. My friend said he almost got wiped out by one of those crazy log trucks . Apparently you are suppose to call in on a radio or you are at fault. Sounds like a pain in the azz , isn't fishong suppose to be fun?

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by nmfp on Feb. 15, 2017

I heard from my uncle a truck spilled chemical into it a killed this fish years ago. That's why I haven't checked it out yet. Just keep going to other ohv lakes instead.

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by Waderow on Feb. 13, 2017

I heard that it winterkilled last year.

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by nmfp on Feb. 13, 2017

Sorry never been here I posted to wrong lake. I tried to get to this lake in the summer but there's no way do to endless muskeg!

by Tjp on Jan. 30, 2017

How's the fishing? Do I need sled or will a quad work? Any tips on where to go would be appreciated, cheers!

by nmfp on Jan. 22, 2017

Ice Report: 20 in

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