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by I B Fishin on Sep. 3, 2017

We were out today and tried for about three hours. tried both ends of the lake but no bites the fish finder was picking up some fish but we could get them to bite. Like the earlier comments the water is clear and it is a beautiful lake.

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by njohn on Sep. 3, 2016

Beautiful Lake. Fished from the dock for hour and half...not even a bite. Water was clear and lovely. Great spot for a picnic.

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by gch on Jul. 12, 2016

Probably heading there this weekend to camp and fish. Anybody been there this year? Tips, suggestions, comments? I fish from a kayak.

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by google on Jun. 15, 2015

Caught one jack here in a pretty short time span. Beautiful lake with clear water. Might bring a canoe out here sometime.

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by subway333 on Feb. 21, 2015

I came here three weeks ago and caught a 45 cm burbot and a 2 foot pike. And came today and got two small pike. Slushy ice but still 4 feet of it.

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by mcs81 on Jan. 11, 2015

You can drive a car to east lake if you wanted

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by MCD on Jun. 12, 2013

R we able to quad from campsite to east lake while we are camping

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by Calvin1976 on May. 30, 2013

Got more fish in one summer than ever

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by hightorque78 on Aug. 28, 2012

Mel ..it is 3 km east of Winfield on hwy 13 and south into or west of pigon lake on hwy 13 about 30 km

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by hightorquec78 on Aug. 19, 2012

i am the camp host here. The water is clear and clean. the pike fishing is good most days when the divers are not in the water. There is a few perch but hard too catch. Most of the shore line and both docks can be fished off. Only electric motors are allowed on both lakes. NO alcohol is allowed on the lake or in the day use area. The camp sites can be used by anyone but you will have too move out if a camp er registers that site then and only then can they consume alcohol only in there site.

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by Mel on Jun. 19, 2012

I've heard about this lake, can anyone tell me where it is exactly? I live in Edmonton. Thanks.

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by canamdon on Jun. 2, 2012

yes... one so-so dock owned by Lions Club. One VERY nice dock owned by the Edmonton Diving Club. Good Luck and PLEASE report back as I've never caught anything there yet but I keep trying.

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by Pikster on Apr. 25, 2012

Does anyone know if there are public docks to fish off of?

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by canamdon on Feb. 8, 2012

Sunday Feb 5th... BEAUTIFUL day and lake. Water very clear. Only two of us icefishing. No fish caught. I tried from about 25' depth down to about 3' depth. Had one rod for perch with maggots and one for pike with large smelt. Have heard alot about the large Pike in here and have seen lots of small perch in summer near shore. Anyone ever icefish here? I swear there must be trout left in this lake from when they stocked it with rainbows... While I was checking my Pike line, a hole about 6' from me at 25' depth started to splash... Freaked me out! All I saw was a blackish coloured tail, fairly good size, flip around and back down the hole. Maybe trout eating the many swimming boatmen that were all through the water? WOW... glad I wasn't laying down looking down the hole... I would have ****** my pants!

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by Collin on Jul. 29, 2011

Went fishing on the lake off to the side the one they don't do any scuba diving in and me and my family were just nailing pike left right and center just trolling the shore line. Gl happy fishing

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by Nate on Jun. 20, 2011

I was just there this past weekend and didn't catch a thing. Supposedly theres pike, some kind of trout, and pirch. All together I spent about 8 hours fishing all over the lake in a aluminum fishing boat with three other guys fishing aswell. Didn't even see any jumps and there were lots of bugs and flys on top of the water. Camping at this lake is very nice on the other hand. Clean water (only electric motors are allowed on boats) for swimming and people even scuba dive here because the lake gets really deep.

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by Clowe on Jun. 18, 2011

Anyone have any feedback or comments about this lake? It's fairly close to the city.

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